Christine Paratte Quinton

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If you fall on this page, it is certainly that you know me closely or by far. Here thus a very fast outline of what I did during these 40 last years. The principal goal of this document is to allow people who know me knowledge what I became and quite simply to contact me if they wish it; here an email which will enable you to contact me indirectly.

My story.

Fermes Les Combes - Le Noirmont/Suisse

I was born in Switzerland in Saignelegier. I lived my very tender childhood in the parental farm of Combes in Noirmont, in the pretty mountains of the Jura Suisse.

Thereafter I undertook studies of laboratory assistant and I exerted a few years in my area of birth mainly in a medical laboratory with the basic Heat.

Then, attracted by the social one, I engaged in Médecins without Borders (MSF) where I had the chance to have a mission in Asia, in Pulau Bidong, a Vietnamese refugee camp. My second mission was for a medical program in Chad. I left for MSF during 3 years, which enabled me to discover another social dimension with my life of woman.

I met the most beautiful man of planet, Marc and who became my husband. We lived in Paris area of 1987 to 1993. Then we settled in Toulouse area or we reside since this date. It made there good food, climate being rather pleasant.

My passions

l'étang de la gruère / Jura / Suisse

Since I am very small, I was always very interested by nature, fauna, the flora. I spent most clearly my time, as soon as the school was finished, in the forests, in the mediums of the animals and the flowers in any kind. My dad with contributed much to this passion for nature. Being a peasant, it could profit all along its existence

I also started to draw landscapes like everyone initially, then as I started with better controlling the technique, I was interested in the abstract art. I followed after my studies, of the courses in a school of beautiful arts hot basic.

I was also interested in the music. I followed courses of piano, " with my sister ". Later, I learned the guitar. And now, I teach by way of initiation the guitar and the piano with my children. I am very interested by any kind of music, but more particularly by the Jazz as well as the large singers with French word (Brel, Ferré, Barbara, Montant, Reggiani)

My small familly

ma petite famille / Marc, Emmanuel, Camille, Maxime, Pierre.

In 1997, while returning of mission of Chad, I met Marc, at the time of the marriage of my best girlfriend with the brother of that which is now my husband. It was really a marvellous history of insane love.

We successively had 4 children : Emmanuel (1989), Camille (92), Maxime (93) and Pierre (94). They have the chance to have all a little the same age and to be able to benefit from living and playing together. It was for us a very significant choice of life.

We currently live a house , in western suburbs of Toulouse, in the south of France.

on the photograph, of left on the right: Camille, Dad (Marc), the smallest Pierre, Emmanuel, Maxime.

Nous vous remercions pour cette petite visite et nous attendons des nouvelles de votre part. Merci.

texte rédigé par Marc Quinton. avril 2001.

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